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The Cathare land


Narbonne (6 km from Château de la Motte) is the principal city of the Aude-department. After the passage of the Gallics, the Romans transformed this town into capital of the Roman Narbonnaise Province in 120 BC. The famous Domitean Road shows their presence, a part of which has recently been unearthed in the centre of Narbonne.


Other cities nearby: Béziers (35 km from Château de la Motte), Carcassonne (40 km), Perpignan (70 km),  Sète (70 km),  Montpellier (100 km) and Toulouse (160 km).


Cultural visits

The Canal du Midi only 5 km from Château de la Motte.

Fontfroide (12 km from Château de la Motte) is one of Europe's biggest Cistercian Abbeys, still wonderfully preserved. Benedictine monks founded this Abbey in the end of the 11th century. In 1145 it became affiliated to the Order of Cîteaux. In the Middle Ages, Fontfroide enjoyed enormous power. It was a bastion of Orthodox Christian faith against Catharism.

The Medieval walled city of Carcassonne (40 km from Château de la Motte) is one of the most visited historical monuments in France. Inhabited since the 6th century BC, Carcassonne was once a Roman town, fortified in the 4th century, before becoming a mediaeval town. In the 13th century royal power gilded the town with a second line of ramparts, enlarged the château and built a city wall around it. Restored by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century, the town is the testament of 1000 years of military architecture and 2500 years of history.

The giant gap of Cabrespine (near Carcassonne) is an enormous cave (depth: 250 m, length: 100 m) with an extraordinary natural collection of crystals.

Amphoralis (7 km from château de la Motte), a museum of Gallic-Roman pottery, tells the life of potters and tile makers who, during tree centuries, mass-produced amphoras, tiles, crockeries, etc.

L'Oulibo (13 km), proposes a guided tour in the shade of olive tree and a windmill on the trail takes you to the history of the olive tree. www.loulibo.com

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