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2018 : Malkurs im April

Während Ihres Aufenthaltes auf dem Schloss La Motte, können Sie die Kunstgalerie entdecken, die die Arbeiten von Gaëtan de Seguin und von anderen Künstlern vorstellt.


Für die Kunstamateure bieten wir Mal-, Zeichen- und Illustrationskurse, geleitet von Fachkräften aus der Kunstwelt (Claire Degans, Muriel Kerba, Ludovic Bottosso, Arno, usw…).



Les Ateliers du Château de la Motte:

- VOYAGEUR IMMOBILE (painting training for 5 days)

From 16 April to 20 April 2018


An invitation to discover the creation of a sublime landscape. 
Starting with the observation and quick colored sketches, then set up a balanced composition with Gaëtan de Séguin.

Discover with Claire Degans the wealth of glaze acrylic inlays materials, subtleties of the color palette, etc.


Highlights of the training: 

2 professional artists are teaching maximum 8 to 12 students. Art Gallery to expose in a fair manner the work done during the course and/or discover the paintings of the artists Claire Degans and Gaëtan de Séguin.

Kristina, yoga teacher, propose one daily yoga lession to weak up to creativity.

Speaking English.



Acrylic Painting - Mixed Techniques - Drawing



"It's a very singular journey into the light that Claire Degans invites us into; a kind of light that filters as a transparent silk and creates unique colors of russet hues, sepia, brown, pink, yellow or red. Their fine sweetness, such a lacquer to the flexibility of wax comes imperceptibly from the canvas and their magic with the finesse of her vision. It is as if Claire Degans was able to accommodate at the same time transparency of the distance and details that one only perceives very closely. She plays very well with the techniques, so that silhouetted trees and colors very cleverly overlay. Her paintings thus appear some how like color collages." Jean Gebelstein: http://www.clairedegans.com



25 hours art class and the equipment for painting: 300 euros

Yoga option (1h each morning) : 40 euros


Accomodation in a sharing room:

23€ per night


Accommondation having a private room: 

36€ per night


Accomodation having a private house

with the possibility to invite persons

from 69€ to 97€ per night


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